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Aptitude refers to the competency of a person to learn or acquire knowledge. Most of the jobs in the corporate world require employees to expand their skill set


Personal Development and Professional Development skills in corporate terminology is called as Soft Skills. If you are looking for Complete Personality Develop


How to Develop Good Communication Skills. Having good communication skills is important. They can help you with presentations in class…..

About Career Twins Services 

Career Twins is a professionally managed organization in the field of Training and HR for the past 2 years.  It was incorporated with the aim of offering multiple training solutions in different areas worldwide to the aspiring potential candidates and to the corporate sector. Our training programs for the students in Schools, Colleges and Universities are well designed to enable the students to achieve the employability skills and practical life exposure in order to develop themselves. Our Mission is providing quality service and training to our clients consistently and ensuring to meet the objectives of employees, employer and all those who are related. 

Career Twins

Placement Training Recruitments are an important aspect of any student’s life. The Placement Cell works to ensure that the recruitment process is a successful…


The interview panel may be interviewing a lot of candidates so do not keep them waiting. Dress appropriately. Act appropriately, which usually means following the interviewer’s lead. Engage with the interviewers. Answer the questions that are asked, using relevant examples where at all possible


A group discussion refers to a communicative situation that allows its participants to share their views and opinions with other participants. It is a systematic exchange of information, views and opinions about a topic, problem, issue or situation among the members of a group who share some common objectives.


We conduct training progammes on the above mentioned soft skills for the students of colleges and universities. The programmes consist of some of the above mentioned skills along with any other soft skills


Placement training then becomes an essential part of any college placement as students get a chance to focus on these and several other requirements that would help them bridge the gap between the knowledge they have imbibed during their education 


R.Ranjani B.Tech,MA Dance

Ranjani was born in Tamil Nadu, India and grew up in a two-room apartment to become one of the most powerful Entrepreneurs in the world. Now the Proprietor, She is leading Learn To Reach for educational and Extra Curricular activities, Career Twins for recruiting and hiring employees, providing customer support , UI developer ,Website Management & Maintenance and placement training, Higher Studies [GRE,GMAT,TOEFL, IELTS, Foreign languages ( Japanese &German)]


We specialize in providing highly qualified individuals for a wide range of Permanent, Temporary and Contract, Administrative support, Finance and Management positions. All of our applicants are thoroughly screened, skill tested and reference checked before you meet them. Our goal is 100% client and applicant satisfaction.

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